Shane Wolf Artistry
$140.00 USD - $200.00 USD

Andre 3000 (Canvas Print)

Celebration of 50 years of Hip-Hop: Andre 3000

Backstory: OutKast won best new artist and were boo’ed upon receiving their source award. People were too closed-minded to appreciate artists in the south.

Andre 3000 made history with the simple yet groundbreaking statement:
“ The South Got Something To Say”.

He paved the way for many artists to be authentic & innovative

I thought it was cool how he set out to prove his artistry, compared to now his latest album without words, showcase being at peace with your legacy and knowing you did what you set out to do as an artist.

I think that’s what we all strive for.
Like Prince told Andre 3000,
“You got to remind people who you are”.

Signed by Shane Wolf Artistry.