Artist Statement

Shane Wolf Artistry

Artist Statement

I was born and raised in Brooklyn, NY. Currently, I reside in Atlanta, Georgia. I'm a storyteller inspired by music, poetry, and my life experiences. I create visually daring work through my use of bold colors, elements that tell underrepresented narratives that highlight humanity. I received my B.A. in Directing (Theatre) at East Stroudsburg University. I have experience with digital paintings, acrylic and oil canvas art, murals, line work, logo design and teaching art. My passion for social justice is embedded in my sculptures, Swabears. My background in theatre and film influences my approach to my work, especially with great attention to details and composition. As a creative director, I'm intentional and purpose-driven. I've spent most of my years as a traditional artist with a focus on portraiture work and realism. My latest work reflects a harmonious blend between realism and surrealism. My work is also influenced by black culture, anime, R&B/Soulful music, and the complex human experience. I value being a multidisciplinary artist that create/develop various styles. My techniques include storyboarding, research, sketching and experimentation of colors and design.


My art has been featured by The Marvelous Black Boy Art Show, Willow Smith, Junior (short film ), Monkey Paw Productions (Candy Man, 2021), Blackartexpo, CityPoint BKLYN Mall, Clutter Magazine Gallery, Shoutout:Atlanta, Dordoor Gallery, One Art Space, Startshows and more supporters.


I've been an art teacher from 2019-2021 in Brooklyn, Manhattan and Queens of New York City and made a lasting impression on my students. My latest project are: Brotherhood Series (oil and digital paintings) and sculptures, SWABEARS ⓒ. Head over to the "SWABEARS" tab to learn more.  

"My visions are bigger than me and the world will see."

- Shane Wolf